At We Got Served, our mission is to help readers get excited, get up to speed and get going with the latest technology. With years of experience testing products, the reviews we publish are an essential tool to help you find the right kit for your needs.

We strive to ensure our reviews are objective, clear and easy to understand, so you can trust the advice, perspectives and opinions of our review team. Each product we review is given an overall numerical score out of ten (plus a visual star rating) which is an average of five individual elements: Design, Features, Performance, Ease of Use and Value for Money.

The best products we review are eligible for one of five review awards – you’ll see these, when awarded, near the review score.

Editors’ Choice

The Editor’s Choice award is our top honour, handed to products that stand out at the top of their class. These are fantastic picks that readers can buy with absolute confidence.


Products that receive our Recommended award exceed our expectations and are great examples of products in their class. They’ll do a great job for you and will outperform many of their competitors.


Products that receive our Approved award are safe buys that will deliver the features, benefits and performance expected and advertised. They get our official “thumbs up.”


The We Got Served Innovation award is handed to those products that bravely push the boundaries of what’s possible. They may not deliver on all fronts, but if we feel a product or service delivers something fresh, unique and offers something out of the ordinary, it’s eligible for this award.

Great Value

The Great Value award may be granted, to products that may not necessarily top the performance tables, but offer a decent experience at a fabulous price. Importantly, this is not about rewarding bargain basement, poor quality products and services – but those that nail the quality to cost ratio.

If you’re a manufacturer or agency representative that requires high-resolution copies of our award graphics, please feel free to contact us for the download.

Alternatively, if you’d like to submit a product for review, please get in touch.