Review: Guardzilla 360


Smart home security cameras can be neatly grouped in two camps. Traditional systems involve distributing one or more cameras around the home, with captured video sent to the cloud or captured locally for offline playback. Integrated systems, such as those from Canary, Piper and today’s review subject, Guardzilla 360, combine a fixed camera with a siren, motion detection features and more in an attempt to deliver a comprehensive, one-box security solution for home protection.

As the name suggests, Guardzilla’s high-definition, 360-degree monitoring seeks to overcome the limitations of a traditional fixed view camera, with the ability to see all around the room. Add a 100-dB siren, PIR motion detection, night vision, and two-way communication, and Guardzilla 360 looks to be quite the security monster. But is it the best solution for you home?

In my Digital Trends review, I test Guardzilla 360 side by side with a range of competitors, including Netgear Arlo Pro, Nest Cam and others. While Guardzilla 360’s innovative whole room view sets the device apart from the pack, blurred and blotchy image quality is significantly worse than leading competitors.

Read more and check out comparison images over at Digital Trends.



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