Review: Harmon Kardon Invoke Smart Speaker with Cortana

Last week, I was one of the first reviewers to get hands on with the new Harmon Kardon Invoke Smart Speaker. The Amazon Echo competitor is notable as the first speaker to ship with Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant.

The partnership combines Harman Kardon’s premium audio expertise with Microsoft’s online services – notably Cortana and Skype – as well as Windows 10 PC connectivity, the Bing knowledge graph, Office 365 calendars and newly-announced smart home device integration.  A range of third-party Cortana skills extend features, but you won’t have the breadth of support you’d get from Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Restrictions on Cortana’s availability mean that the Invoke will only ship in the United States at launch.

While it fails to hit the highs of the Sonos One, a combination of good looks, great quality audio and a decent selection of well-executed features ensures the Harman Karmon Invoke is a solid smart speaker debut for Cortana.

Check out the full review over at Digital Trends.

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  1. I have a strong feeling the Invoke will disappear quite quickly. MS have a terrible reputation for poor marketing and support, and because MS don’t have their own viable mobile platform to make best use of it, and consumers have little confidence in MS anymore, products like this, which were probably commissioned a long time ago, will come to market with barely any recognition. I’m sure it’s well made (It’s an HK device after all, and not MS!), but their will be very little interest in it, just like most of Microsoft’s consumer facing products.

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