Review: Garmin Speak GPS with Amazon Alexa


While the smartphone has, for many, supplanted dedicated GPS hardware in the car, Garmin will be hoping its latest navigation device, Garmin Speak, will change your mind. It brings together the company’s GPS navigation service with Amazon Alexa, providing voice-controlled music streams, audiobooks, news and weather, as well as access to compatible smart home devices.

Having spent last week driving around with the device, I found that, in an attempt to reinvent the in-car GPS, Garmin Speak adds utility, but at the same removes the simplicity and clarity of a touchscreen user interface.  I have no doubt that personal assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant will become an essential feature in future car entertainment systems of the future, but I’m not convinced a dedicated GPS device is the way to deliver them.

Garmin Speak

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