Review: Samsung Connect Home Smart Hub & Router


It’s a commonly held belief that the next big shift in smart home technology will be convergence — for good reason. Once you’ve added smart lighting, security and multi-room audio to your home, you may find your router is buried under a mass of proprietary communications hubs.

Multi-device controllers like Wink and SmartThings (now owned by Samsung) have helped to reduce the clutter. Samsung Connect Home takes convergence one step further by bringing together whole home Wi-Fi with a SmartThings controller. It’s an obvious progression, but one that has taken some time to reach the marketplace.

With SmartThings, Samsung has acquired great experience and execution in smart home control. It makes a lot of sense to take that proposition to the masses by packaging it in a router. But with little heritage in home networking, Samsung will need to be on form to compete with leading whole home Wi-Fi systems like NETGEAR Orbi , Linksys Velop and Google WiFi in a crowded marketplace.

Head over to Digital Trends to read my review of Samsung Connect Home. The headline: Convenience comes with compromise…





  1. I read the review at Digital Trends, but I’m a little confused about wireless backhaul. The mesh units have Ethernet jacks, and there’s a chart on Ethernet speeds, but it’s not clear if that is supposed to give a baseline for the Ethernet network or supposed to represent wireless speeds over mesh units with Ethernet backhaul.

  2. Hi Ron,

    That’s a baseline for Ethernet speeds when a client is directly attached to the router. As I mention in the review, wireless speeds for clients do improve 2-3 times when utilising Ethernet backhaul, but mesh speeds aren’t the best.

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