How to stream PC games anywhere

Last month, the PC World team asked me to put together a guide to remote PC game streaming. Inside the home, outside the home, on your smartphone, on your mate’s Mac – it’s all possible.

You’ve spent days, months building the perfect gaming den. Kick-ass PC: check. Perfect desk: in place. Supreme gaming chair: acquired. Fridge full o’ grog: brimming. There’s no better environment for gaming glory. Apart from the sofa. Or at work. Or in bed.

While we all love our battlestations, the ability to play PC games elsewhere—inside or outside the home—can be truly liberating. Today we’ll look at some of the best ways to stream your games remotely and look ahead to upcoming services which could allow you to play your favorite titles on any device. Macs, smartphones, TVs, that aging, dusty Dell in the office? They’re all invited.

Head over to PC World to get the low down and, if you have a gaming PC stashed away somewhere, be sure to check out the Moonlight streaming plugin for the Chrome web browser. It’s digital witchcraft!


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  1. Hey Terry, Just sent you a tweet, but those can get lost. I’d love to show you Parsec. Our users have unanimously decided our service is better than all the ones listed here. We support Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, and Android. Here’s a test of our service versus Steam – And here’s a video of some really cool multi-player support (my friend is in SF and I’m in NYC) for co-playing and couch gaming virtually.

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