Pimp Your PC With an RGB Lighting Kit

Browse the pages of gaming hangouts like /r/battlestations/ or PCPartPicker and you’ll notice a trend. Most of the awesome PC desktop builds on display are boosted aesthetically by some kind of LED light show. Some tasteful, others downright outrageous!

In the past, adding lighting to a PC case—cold cathodes, no less—required serious component research and potentially complex cabling. But with large quantities of gaming gear sporting integrated LEDs hitting the market, it’s never been easier to pimp your PC.

It’s time to embrace the rainbow.

The guys at PC World asked me to pull together a step by step guide for a modern PC phenomenon – the rise in RGB lighting. Having built a high-specification gaming PC last year (check out the guide), I’d experimented with LED lighting previously. But this commission gave me the perfect opportunity to go full-on with a full RGB Lighting controller (the NZXT HUE+), LED lighting strips and even an RGB fan (the NZXT Aer RGB).


If you’ve yet to infuse your PC with RGB lighting, it’s a really fun (and relatively easy) project. You can spend hours tweaking your settings to achieve some fantastic effects.

Head over to PC World to check out the guide and, if you enjoy it, please show your support with a quick like and share on Facebook and Twitter – it’s really appreciated!

RGB lighting can really help you add a personal touch to your PC. Here's everything you need to know to install RGB lights in your rig.

Posted by PCWorld on Thursday, May 4, 2017


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