How to: Overclock your PC’s CPU

If you’ve enjoyed the “How To” guides I’ve published here at WGS over the years, then there’s some great news in store. I’ve been commissioned by IDG Publishing to create a whole series of brand new tech guides, to be published on PC World and over the coming months.

The new series will focus on a wide range of popular computing topics, including storage, gaming, hardware, media and optimizing PC performance. The first feature, How to overclock your PC’s CPU, is online today and walks you through the basics of CPU tweaking and thermal management.

If you think that overclocking is solely for performance-obsessed geeks armed with bottles of liquid nitrogen, it’s time to reconsider! Even a small bump in PC performance can delay the need to upgrade your CPU, keeping money in your pocket.

Today I’ll walk you through simple overclocking steps that can boost processor speeds 10 percent or more. If you’re a gamer, video artist, or media streamer, that’s a useful, no-cost upgrade.

From a personal perspective, I’m delighted to have the opportunity to share my guides with a wider audience. Obviously, it’s business as usual here at WGS, so stay tuned for a raft of product reviews in the pipeline and I’ll be sure to point to any additional features popping up elsewhere.

In the meantime, if you’d like to show your support, please head over to PC World and check out the new guide. If you enjoy it, please share and like the post on Facebook and Twitter, so we can spread the word. Any feedback? Please feel free to comment below or share your thoughts on the Facebook page.

Thanks for your help and enjoy the new guides!

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