Expand Your iPhone or iPad Storage with the Leef iBridge

Having had to work on a few external projects over the last few weeks, I’m finally getting back to the WGS review cupboard, which is beginning to bulge!

First up is a new device called the Leef iBridge, which aims to solve one huge issue for iPhone and iPad device owners – storage limitations. Apple’s product strategy includes charging extraordinary amounts of money for internal storage – no matter what type of device you want from them. As a result, you may have thought you could get by with that 16 GB or 32 GB iPhone but, once you’ve stocked up and apps and shot a few weeks’ worth of photos, storage is getting tight.

If this was any other device, you could simply hook up a USB drive (with or without an adapter) to expand your storage. But external storage devices tend not to rock an Apple Lightning connector. Until now.

The Leef iBridge Mobile Memory connects to your iOS device’s Lightning port and serves as an external hard drive. Available in 16 GB (74.50) capacities through to 256 GB  (an eye watering $349), the device (with accompanying iOS app) allows you to easily store and play media files, shoot photos directly to the drive, back up files from your mobile device and more.

The drive itself is compact and well-built, slipping easily into your device and shaped to curve around the rear of your device. It’s a really neat idea for those that love shooting hundreds of photos on a night out, or using their phone as a camera on holiday. Equally, it’s a great solution for the car or your commute – fill up the drive with your music and video library and enjoy the content directly from the drive.

Android users aren’t left out either. Leef also offers a (slightly ugly) Leef Bridge Mobile 3.0 device (16 GB at $23.99 through to 128 GB at $95.99) which performs a similar duty.

You can pick up the Leef iBridge and Leef Bridge Mobile 3.0 from the company’s website as well as other online stockists.


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