Velux and Netatmo to collaborate on “smart windows”

Window manufacturer (no, not Microsoft – we’re talking glass here) Velux has announced a new partnership with smart home specialist Netatmo that will see both companies collaborate on the “window of the future”.

The new smart windows, called Velux Active, are likely to include integrated climate components, including the ability to open, close and tilt depending on external and internal temperatures. Automated sunscreening options, such as internal window blinds, have also been proposed with the ability to control shade based on light conditions as well as temperature, humidity and CO2 levels.


“Very soon your home will be able to help look after your health, by ensuring you get plenty of daylight and fresh air exactly when you need it,” says Jørgen Tang-Jensen, CEO of the VELUX Group. “VELUX has been creating better living environments for our customers for more than 75 years, and this collaboration with Netatmo represents an important step forward in providing greater comfort, well-being, energy efficiency and security.”

“We’re very pleased to develop the VELUX Active solution with VELUX, leader in the roof windows industry. With this partnership, we demonstrate our ability to create solutions that fit into the house infrastructure and to directly address the B2B market”, explains Fred Potter, Founder and President of Netatmo. “Through this collaboration, we bring our skills in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, product software integration, electronics and user experience” he adds.

At this point, there are no actual products to share (file under CES vapourware until you hear different) although the product concept has picked up a couple of CES 2017 awards in the Smart Home and Eco-design & Sustainable Technologies categories.

The partnership is expected to realise its first tangible products in the autumn.


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