Kwikset showcases low-profile Obsidian smart lock at CES 2017

In previous years, the Kwikset Kevo has been one of the leading smart home security products at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. In our review, we found that the smart lock worked really well and praised its ease of installation, but found it to be a little chunky (especially on the interior of the door).

Today, the company took the wraps off its latest design – the low-profile Obsidian smart lock. It’s coming this Spring, in both connected (Z-Wave) and standalone options, allowing users to lock and unlock their front doors using the touchscreen exterior or their smartphones.


The Z-Wave model is one of the first locks to feature the new Z-Wave 500 chipset, which offers enhancements over previous releases, including increased wireless range, better network security and enhanced encryption.

Additional Features

  • Flexible Platform: Obsidian seamlessly integrates with a variety of home automation systems through Z-Wave wireless protocols, giving homeowners the flexibility to choose a system that works for them, their families and their homes.
  • Low-Profile Design: Obsidian is the only key-free, low profile smart lock in the industry. Projecting less than an inch off the door, Obsidian is an aesthetically pleasing smart lock option that delivers convenience and security.
  • Convenient Touchscreen: Obsidian features a convenient responsive exterior touchscreen that quickly illuminates upon touch for faster code entry. The illuminated screen reveals a crisp white LED display designed for both day and night lighting.
  • Patented Security: Obsidian’s touchscreen exterior features SecureScreen™ technology, helping prevent against unwanted entry using patented security features. With SecureScreen, users are prompted to touch two random numbers before entering their access code as to encourage fingerprints across the screen.
  • Standalone Home Access: Obsidian will also be available as a standalone smart lock, giving homeowners key-free convenience without Z-Wave integration.

Obsidian will be priced at $179 for the standalone model or $229 with Z-Wave support.


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