Find Lost Data for Free With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

If you’ve been a PC or Mac user for some time, you’ll know the pain of losing data. Whether you’ve accidentally delete a file, suffered an operating system crash or experienced an issue with a hard drive you know the data is there, but your computer just won’t let you access it.

Here at WGS, we’ve always maintained that there’s absolutely no substitute for regular data backups. Whether you use dedicated backup software or you’re that guy that rigidly sticks to that three-tier backup-and-drive-swap regime, having two (or three) copies of your most important data is a no brainer.

But, of course, it’s easy to get caught out and if you or your family and friends suffer data loss, one option for accessing stranded files and folders is a data recovery application. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is one such option. It promises to locate and restore previously inaccessible data from a range of storage devices, including mechanical hard drives, solid state drives, USB thumb drives, RAID arrays and more.

The idea is simple. Run EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on your PC or Mac and select the type of data you wish to recover. A “quick scan” can be launched, which lists all the files that are simply deleted or cleaned from the recycle bin. Hopefully, this locates any accidentally deleted files in a matter of minutes.

However, in the case of a more catastrophic issue, a “deep scan” option will perform a sector by sector analysis of your hard drive. This more thorough scan will take some time to complete. Obviously, if your data has been overwritten on the hard drive, you won’t be able to recover it, but in many situations (especially if you’re quick) you’ll find the data is still present at the sector level, waiting to be overwritten at a future point. In some cases, even data on formatted partitions can be rescued by file recovery software.

Files and folders located and available to recover are presented in a directory tree and the app offers a convenient preview before recovery. While that deep scan may take some time, the good news is that results can be saved and re-imported to the app, so there’s limited need to re-scan your hard drives (unless some time has passed).

EaseUS offers both free and commercial versions of their Data Recovery Wizard app. The free edition has some limitations to be aware of, however. The amount of data that can be recovered is limited to 2 GB (not great for a movie, but for documents, music, images and so on, you’re in luck) and this edition can only be used in scenarios where you can actually boot the computer.


In cases where the operating system has crashed and you’re unable to boot, a Pro + WinPE edition of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard (priced $99.90) can be installed and run on bootable media, such as a USB thumb drive. Power on the PC with the thumb drive installed and the app gets to work ahead of any attempt to boot the OS.


Free trials are available for all editions of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, allowing you test out the app ahead of any issues. The company is also running a Halloween Giveaway this month, with app licenses and gift cards available to win. Head over to the giveaway landing page to find out more.

If you keep forgetting to back up your data, do it right now and hopefully, you’ll be saved the pain of data loss. But for those that don’t quite get around to doing it, when that hard drive crashes (and all hard drives are going to break at some point, right?) recovery software such as EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard may just come to the rescue.

This post was sponsored by EaseUS. Editorial option and content remains our own.