Denon HEOS multi-room audio platform to get Alexa voice control

Premium audio specialist Denon this week announced a partnership with Amazon to integrate Alexa voice control in its HEOS wireless multi-room sound platform.

Arriving in Q1 2017, the move will enable HEOS users to control their speakers using natural speech instead of the HEOS app via an iOS, Android or Amazon Fire device. With the skill enabled, they will be able to play music, answer questions, get news and local information, control smart home products and more. In essence, a HEOS device will mimic an Amazon Echo.

Denon introduced their HEOS mult-room audio system on 2014. It includes four wireless multi-zone speakers: HEOS 1, HEOS 3, HEOS 5 and HEOS 7; the HEOS HomeCinema soundbar and subwoofer, the HEOS Drive multi-zone amplifier as well as the HEOS Link and HEOS Amp, that bring HEOS functionality to Hi-Fi systems and passive speakers.

The system is also able to play High Resolution audio and, unlike the competing Sonos platform, includes Bluetooth support, allowing users to play their HEOS speakers outside of the home network.


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  1. That’s great if their skill is solid because the weakness of the Heos system is the application/software not the speakers themselves which sound great .

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