Review: Belkin Base for Apple Pencil

Apple has some amazing products and know just what buttons to push to get us to buy them. But one thing they don’t always get right are their accessories – fortunately, there are a plethora of after-market manufacturers out there ready to step in.

One such company is Belkin, who have been making phone and tablet accessories for some time now, adding their own flair with complementary designs.


Belkin’s latest iPad accessory is the Belkin Base for Apple Pencil.  An aluminium holder with a chrome finish, designed to keep your stylus out of harm’s way – while looking cool too.

The holding aperture itself is made of silicon so it offers protection for the tip of the Pencil.  It has some weight to it which means it’s not going to slip about on your desktop.

The Base retails for £19.99 which is quite a lot of money for something that just holds the Pencil.  That being said, if you have spent a large chunk of your well-earned money on an iPad Pro and the Pencil itself, why shouldn’t you show it off on your desktop? But I think it’s fair to say that this would suit the sort of person who prefers a minimalistic and clean working space.


While the Belkin Base does an admirable job at holding the Apple Pencil, one thing that would have improved the product would be the option to charge from this holder. In truth, this would have fundamentally changed the design though I’m sure – the pencil would need to be charged the other way up and such a change would affect the way the pencil would be held too.

A charging base for the Apple Pencil may well be a dream for another day, but in the meantime,  if you love to have your tech on display – or you’re seeking a gift for an iPad Pro-toting friend or family member, the Belkin Base for Apple Pencil makes for an ideal stocking stuffer.


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