Review: ASUS Cerberus Headset

When gaming, I tend to use a good sound system and crank it up loud. Sometimes, I like to have music playing out of my Sonos next to me – depending on the game. There are times, though, when it’s good to be sociable with the people I’m playing with and chatting can become difficult with that kind of set up. ASUS offers gaming headsets suitable for a range of budgets and, for those that don’t want to spend huge sums of money, ASUS has the Cerberus range which consists of a gaming mouse, keyboard and a headset. We’ve looked at the mouse (review) and keyboard (review) previously. Today, we’ll complete the line-up, with ASUS Cerberus Headset.

What’s in the Box?

The headset arrives in a fairly standard cardboard box with a clear plastic front displaying the headset on the inside. On the back of the box are the specifications and features. The word Cerberus and the Cerberus three-headed dog logo appear boldly on five of the six side of the box.

Also included are a few adapters and extensions to make the headset more versatile. You’ll find an external mic boom, an alternative adapter cable, and a splitter for separate mic and headphone ports.

First Look

The headset connects to 3.5mm headset ports (mic + headphones) with the attached cable but can also be used with the included splitter for devices that have isolated mic and headphones ports.

There are two mics on the headset – one in the detachable boom plus an inline mic built into the cable which is disabled when the boom is attached. Next to the inline is a switch for muting the active mic as well as a dial to control volume. The cable is wrapped in braided fabric adding a quality feel.

Using the Cerberus Headset

I have a couple of piercings so any headphones that go on/over my ears can sometimes be a little uncomfortable when the cups press too hard or for too long. These over-the-ears cups snugly surround my ears making them very easy and comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

The headband is one-size-fits-all and does a decent job at fitting a wide range, however, it doesn’t fit tightly on my head and occasionally slides around a little; especially if I get too animated.

Sound quality is a little bass focused, which is great for when you’re playing fast-paced, adrenaline pumping games but somewhat lacking in subtleties.

Although the product page mentions “great noise isolation” I have found the headset to allow a reasonable amount of external sound in – enough to allow me to have regular conversations without problems. This isn’t necessarily a negative, but rather something to consider. My other half likes to watch TV shows while I’m on my PS4 and it’s nice to not be completely cut off.

The headset also works with mobile devices – and includes the stress-relieving adapter for such use – and without the boom mic they just look like large headphones.


As the headset is Playstation compatible and has a mic on/off switch I have found the ASUS Cerberus headset to be fantastic for casual gaming and occasional chatting while gaming. They will probably not appeal to serious gamers, but then again they’re really targeted at the budget market and, as such, offer repsectable performance at a decent price.


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