New SmartCloud Offering for Samsung SmartCam HD Plus

The Samsung SmartCam HD Plus IP Camera (see our review) received a boost recently with the launch of SmartCloud, a cloud storage service powered by video analytics. The service provides a viable alternative to the 128 GB of local video storage that the SmartCam HD Plus currently offers.

“In studying customer feedback to improve our offerings, we found an overwhelmingly high demand for cloud services,” said Richard Simone, Hanwha Techwin America VP of Sales and Marketing. “By releasing the SmartCloud, we’re introducing an unparalleled level of cloud capabilities that meets consumers’ expectations and provides the optimal home monitoring experience.”

With the SmartCloud, video footage is securely and privately stored in the cloud, offering users the strongest level of protection against any home invasion. Whether a camera is stolen or damaged, the video will be preserved and users will be equipped to review the footage history from any unforeseen events.

The SmartCloud also delivers improved motion detection accuracy in any setting, leveraging enhanced algorithms to better analyze lights and shadows to filter out irrelevant activity from footage that could trigger false alarms. It can disregard rain, snow and shadows seen through a window, resulting in improved video accuracy for challenging outdoor environments compared to the SmartCam HD Plus standard features.

This offering also represents the latest progression in activity recognition. While most home video monitoring services overwhelm users with alerts regarding slight changes in the vicinity, the SmartCloud’s Zone feature can accurately distinguish between motion that is of interest to consumers and meaningless noise. With this tool, there are also no limits to the number of zones, within a camera’s field of view, that a user can individually monitor.

“In the home surveillance marketplace, we know customizability and affordability is critical to customer satisfaction,” said Simone. “With the SmartCloud Zone feature and storage options, we’re equipping users with the tools to accurately monitor activity around their properties and peacefully safeguard that footage in the cloud.”

Users will also have the option to continuously record video 24/7 for extra safety, depending on the SmartCloud service plan they select.

Samsung Smart Cloud

The SmartCloud also leverages bank-level security to ensure that users can safely view and manage their videos, even on open wireless networks. With the enhanced restrictions, footage will be encrypted while in transmission to the cloud and streamed securely on computers, iOS, and Android devices via SSL encryption.

Customers can subscribe to the SmartCloud at to gain access to these latest capabilities and start a free 15-day, risk-free trial.

I will be trying the Samsung SmartCloud Service with the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro this week. Look for my review in the next few days.


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