HP Announces Elite x3 Phablet

HP Inc. recently announced a surprising addition to their 2016 product lineup – the Windows 10 Mobile-based Elite x3 phablet. HP is targeting businesses with the Elite x3 by creating a single computing device that encompasses phablet, laptop, and desktop use cases while still supporting key business applications.

Packed with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of internal storage, the HP Elite x3 will have the hardware specifications to live up to this multi-role capability HP envisions. The rest of the phone’s specs are equally as impressive with a 5.96 inch, 1440×2160 display providing plenty of workspace, dual biometric ID systems (retina and fingerprint scanning) for device security, and a 4150 mAh battery to support all these flagship features. Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 will be on board to allow for fast recharging of such a large battery, along with support for both PMA and Qi wireless charging standards.

The Elite x3 will also support a second nano-SIM card though that does come at the expense of the microSD expansion as the phablet will use a dual-purpose slot for microSD/secondary nano-SIM. The Elite x3 will also be IP-67 dust and water-resistant, along with being able to pass MIL-STD 810G testing so it should be durable as well as powerful.

The x3 in the Elite x3’s name refers to the other two modes of use that HP is providing beyond the typical standalone cell phone. Along with the phone, HP will release the optional Desk Dock and optional Mobile Extender which will extend the capabilities of the phone by leveraging Windows 10’s Continuum features. The Desk Dock will provide a

“full featured desktop experience for the Elite x3. It includes a DisplayPort for external monitor support, two USB-A and a USB-C™ connection for business continuity, and wired Ethernet to seamlessly scale users’ productivity at their desk. The Elite x3 docks in portrait mode at a comfortable viewing angle when sitting at a desk.”

The Mobile Extender will allow for Continuum experiences on-the-go by providing a 12.5″ display and keyboard in a notebook form factor. It can connect to the Elite x3 over wireless or by USB-C and is capable of charging the phone from the Mobile Extender’s internal battery. It will have no internal memory so all data will remain on the Elite x3 providing additional security over a traditional laptop.

HP is partnering with Salesforce to include their Salesforce1 CRM platform on every Elite x3. HP will also offer the HP Workspace – a subscription-based app catalog of x86 applications that companies can curate, which will allow users to access their corporate applications with a full keyboard and mouse experience on a mobile device.

HP has not released pricing or a specific release date as of yet, but they did mention it is expected to be available this summer. For more information, see the HP press release, the HP promo page, or third-party, detailed specifications.


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