Review: ASUS Cerberus Gaming Mouse

ASUS recently released a series of gaming accessories named Cerberus, comprising a mouse, keyboard and mouse pad aimed at gamers on a budget. While offering a range of decent features, the whole trio can be bought for under £70. Let’s take a look at the new mouse.

What’s in the Box?

The ASUS Cerberus Gaming Mouse arrives in its own box without any accessories.

It’s an ambidextrous, wired, USB optical mouse with four switchable DPI settings. Just like the ASUS Cerberus Keyboard, the mouse follows a color scheme of black on top with a bright orange base. There are two buttons on the left side of the mouse for forward and back. Both left and right sides have a rubberized texture, which makes holding the mouse very comfortable indeed – even in extended gaming sessions.

Just behind the scroll wheel is a button to control the DPI which cycles through the 4 selectable modes (500, 1000 [default], 1500 and 2500). As you cycle, you’ll notice the Cerberus logo on the back of the mouse changes color, based on the DPI mode selected.

One design feature I really like is the braided cable. While it’s firm and retains its shape (and also any kinks) it looks great and feels very durable.

One watch out to be aware of is the length of the USB plug that connects the mouse you to your PC. It’s a good two inches long, so you do need to ensure you have sufficient clearance behind the USB port. For front facing ports, that’s not going to be an issue, but if your PC is backed up close to a wall or cabinet, then you may need an adaptor.

Flip over the mouse and you’ll find there are four pads on the bottom of the Cerberus. In use, however, I found that the mouse really performs much better with a mouse pad.

The ASUS Cerberus mouse is very easy to use and fairly comfortable to hold. The ambidextrous design does make it feel a little odd on my ring finger but after a bit of use I adapted to it easily.

As I mentioned, comfort is aided by the rubberized sides, which are very comfortable and ensure you can the mouse for extended periods without discomfort. Although I’m right-handed, I tried using the mouse with my left hand but found that my ring finger kept accidentally pressing the back button. Without forward and back buttons on the right side, lefties may not get the full use of the buttons.

One bug to be aware of at the moment is that the forward and back buttons are swapped under certain conditions with Windows 10. The source of this, however, has been identified and will be fixed via a forthcoming firmware update, ASUS tell me.


Overall, the ASUS Cerberus mouse is comfortable, looks good and performs well for a very reasonable price. For budget gaming rigs it will make for a great accessory. You can pick it up now for just £19.99.



  1. I got this mice today and I feel a bit unconfortable, it slides a bit hard, I don’t know if its a gaming mouse thing or if its about my mouse pad but it doesn’t slide like my previous cheap gaming mouses

    1. Hey! how did you disassembled the mouse? I can’t forced it as i’m afraid that might broke some internal wiring or locks from it.

  2. My only concern is, that the first thing you find by reading the quick start guide is that” Warning! this product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer”), Should I not use this mouse then if I’m going to risk my life?

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