Review: Synology DS416 NAS

Synology recently updated their 2016 product line, launching the DS216play, DS216se and their big brother, the DS416. With these devices, Synology has updated their NAS platform, introducing improved media capabilities. We took a look at the DS216play recently and found that it was a fantastic, entry-level 2 Bay NAS with the power to transcode multiple streams of HD video.

The DS416 is aimed at a slightly different market – primarily users who need large amounts of storage but also value a competitive price. With the recently announced Seagate 8 TB NAS drives, you could have up to 32 TB of storage housed in the Synology DS416 which retails for a competitive $479/£330.

Let’s take a look at what Santa brought Synology fans this year…

Synology DS416

What’s In The Box?

The DS416 comes packaged in a sturdy cardboard box, foregoing flashy marketing claims and concentrating on the all-important contents. The overall package is quite lightweight but sturdy enough to cope with the perils of transit. Inside we find the main unit and a separate box containing a power supply, two network cables, and a getting started guide.

The DS416 hardware is made of a lightweight plastic and features a removable, glossy panel on the front that covers the drive bays. Overall it looks smart, and in keeping with the Synology aesthetic, but is less sturdy than its more expensive siblings. The plastic front panel pulls off easily and is held in place by rubber bungs. They work fine but are not as sturdy as, for example, the magnetic panel on the Drobo.

Synology DS416 front

Behind this panel are four toolless drive bays that pop out with the press of a tab. There is no way of securing them in place, so this isn’t a device to leave around curious children or office workers. Also on the front we find indicators for each of the disks and overall status, below these are the front-mounted USB 3.0 port for easy access and the power button.

Synology DS416

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