Review: TP-LINK TL-WR802N Nano Router

It’s update time from TP-LINK. They’ve released the TL-WR802N, a 300 Mbps Wireless N Nano Router that is an upgrade to the TL-WR702N 150 Mbps Nano Router that was released back at the start of 2012. I’ve had and still use multiple units of the earlier model so was looking forward to see what has changed.


When I first purchased the earlier model a good few years ago, I did so for travel. It enabled to me access hardwired LAN connections wirelessly in my hotel room. Nowadays, most hotels have wireless internet for you to use, but sometimes this is limited to public areas. Some rooms may still be limited to a wired connection, and that is where this unit can be very handy. It will allow you to take that LAN connection and transmit a wireless signal instead.

So, in simple terms, it’s a small ultra-portable cable router ideal for use whilst traveling or at home. It’s powered either through the included USB power adapter or a computer’s USB connection. Along with the Nano router itself, the box also includes the aforementioned USB power adapter, a white flat 60cm CAT5 cable and a 75cm USB to Micro USB cable.

Whats in the box

To do a quick comparison to the earlier model, external dimensions are identical. In fact as you can see, positioned side by side, the main  visible difference is that the newer model is a slightly lighter shade of blue. Also, in use, the 802 has a green indicator light instead of blue.

Comparison FrontComparison Rear

The only connections on the unit itself is a WAN/LAN port, power via a micro USB cable and a recessed reset button.


Getting up and running could not be easier. Connect the power, connect the Ethernet cable, wait 30 seconds and then you can hook up to the router’s wireless network. All relevant details including a preset SSID and wireless password are on the back of the unit as well as the default IP address. Depending on the network setup where you are trying to connect, you may well be given an address via DHCP. Type that address into your browser and you will be met by the configuration web page.

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  1. Great review for a great product. I have the TL-MR3020 3G/4G unit and love it for travel. TP-Link is also good about updating their firmware. Support is very good.

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