Review: Logitech Z533 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System

Logitech has been making multimedia speakers for quite some time now and along the way, I’ve used a few of them myself. With an RRP of £79.99, the Logitech Z533 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System is placed firmly in the centre of a busy marketplace, but Logitech devices always deliver a great combination of looks and performance. Aimed at those that require some additional clout to their music, movie and game audio, the Z533 is the latest in a long line of computer audio systems from the brand.



As you’ll realise from the product name, this is a 2.1 system, comprising a pair of stereo speakers and a subwoofer unit. Also, it also has a wired control module allowing you to change the volume and bass output from the system without having to access the actual speakers themselves. The system is rated at 120W peak power, with 60W RMS.


What’s in the Box?

  • Left and right speakers
  • Subwoofer unit with fixed power cord
  • Control module (with fixed cable to Sub)
  • 3.5” to 3.5” audio cable

The speakers themselves are finished in at attractive matte black with the lower few inches a gloss black with the Logitech logo in Gold. This gold finish is continued on the speaker cones themselves, with a gloss black surround. Personally I find this quite appealing, but this is because it happens to go very well with my personal setup. While the design may not be to everyone taste, I think the adage works that black really does go with everything.  They are relatively compact too which means they don’t ever feel like they are taking over your desktop.

The sub itself is a wooden enclosure finished in black ash with a black material speaker grill. There is a bass port on the right-hand side while the rear face where all of the connections happen.

specifications specs 2

In terms of connections, it’s all very straightforward, with a lot of the initial connections being colour coded. The socket of the left-hand speaker is blue, which corresponds to the blue connector on its cable, and so on with the right-hand cable connector being white. If you are connecting to a PC, you hook-up one end of the included 3.5 mm audio cable to the headphone socket on your computer, and the other to the relevant socket on the back of the sub. The only cable that isn’t included is the one required to connect the system to either a TV or console. This connection only requires a standard stereo RCA cable, so I’m bewildered as to why one of these wasn’t included in the box as well.

Once everything is connected, you’re unlikely to need to access the rear of the speaker, so the sub can be placed somewhere out of the way.  It’s the only part of the system that is powered directly, so you’ll need to ensure you’re near a power outlet or extension.


The system has a ‘hockey puck’ style, wired control unit. This serves as a power switch, as well as volume control. It also has an additional bass level control slider on its side. There are also two 3.5 mm audio connections, one for headphones for the times when you want a more personal listening experience and an auxiliary input to connect anything you want, be it an MP3 player, phone or another device that can output auxiliary audio.

volume puck


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