How to: Upgrade to Windows 10 From Windows 7 or Windows 8.1

With Microsoft handing out (mostly) free upgrades to the upcoming Windows 10, it’s financially imperative for the company to get as many PC users on to the new platform as possible. Why? Windows Store app sales, Bing search revenue – you’re not only a Windows 10 user, you’re a post-upgrade revenue opportunity! As a result, huge improvements have been made to the Windows operating system upgrade process. In years gone by, you’d have to rush out to the shops, purchase a box with multiple CDs or DVDs (or, heavens, floppy disks!) and spend hours feeding them to your PC as it chugged through the upgrade process.

With Windows 7 and Windows 8, while you could download an ISO file online with the new edition of Windows, you’d still need to create a bootable USB drive or burn a DVD and mess around with your BIOS settings before you could get your upgrade going.

Now, it’s all done in-place and you can test out the upgrade procedure right now with the Windows 10 Insider Preview.  Let’s check it out as we upgrade to Windows 10!

On your Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 PC, head to the Windows Insider Program website. If you haven’t yet registered to become an Insider, sign-up or log-in with your program credentials. On the Windows Insider home page, look for the Get Started – PC button, and hit it up.


You’ll now be able to read all about the testing requirements for the Windows 10 Insider Preview. At the bottom of the page, click the button marked Get the Preview and in the page that follows, click Start upgrade now.


A file will be downloaded to your PC, which configures Windows Update for downloading and installing the Windows 10 Insider Preview. Let your PC churn away for a little while and you’ll see the following:


While the upgrade process is a little different, some things never change. You’ll have a license agreement to review and approve before the upgrade begins.


Your PC hardware will be checked to ensure compatibility, before the upgrade commences.


When everything has been checked and prepared, you’ll receive a notification telling you that Windows 10 is ready to install. Handily you can choose to schedule the upgrade to a more convenient time, or kick off the update immediately.


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