The Intel Compute Stick is Now Available

Chip-giant Intel today announced the availability of their eagerly awaited Intel Compute Stick, a pocket-sized computer powered by a quad-core Intel Atom processor running Windows 8.1 with Bing.

The Intel Compute Stick is an exciting prospect for Home Theater PC enthusiasts and media streaming fans, as it can transform any HDMI display into an entry-level computer or media streamer capable of working with apps, or playing local or network-hosted content.

While it make not have the horsepower of the higher-end, but still diminutive Intel NUC (my current favourite small-footprint PC), there’s still a lot of love in this tiny device – it includes 2 GB RAM with 32 GB eMMC Flash Memory for storage and supports wireless 802.11 b/g/n. Also included is a microSD card for expandable memory, MicroUSB power supply and Bluetooth 4.0 support for keyboard and mouse.

The $149 Windows version of the Intel Compute Stick (BOXSTCK1A32WFCR) is shipping imminently from retailers such as Amazon, Newegg and Best Buy (although all are showing zero stock at the time of publication). Meanwhile a cheaper version of the product, running Ubuntu (BOXSTCK1A8LFCR) is set to ship this summer for just $110.

I’ll be picking one of these up just as soon as they’re available.


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