New Features Added to Connected Data’s Transporter Private Cloud Platform

We mentioned Connected Data’s Transporter private cloud storage platform almost a year ago and since launch, the company has got closer with some old friends over at Drobo and this week announced new features for its original product.

The new features, Camera Upload, Special Folders, Selective Sync and Library on Transporter Sync allow customers to connect sync and share data with an increasing array of devices around the home, closing the gap with competing cloud storage services and network attached storage devices.

Camera Upload allows photos and videos stored on smartphones and tablets to automatically sync to the Transporter once a network connection to the mobile device is available.

Special Folders allows the automatic synchronisation of folders between devices, such as users’  Desktop, Documents, Pictures, Movies and Music  folders. The associated Selective Sync feature allows users granular access to choose specific folders for synchronisation.

The latest software release also extends the Transporter Library virtual disk feature to the Transporter Sync. This mounts a virtual folder on users’  client computers, allowing easier access to files and folder stored on the Transporter.

Special Folders, Selective Sync, and Transporter Library are now available for free and can be enabled by installing Version 2.5 of the Transporter Desktop application on any Mac or PC. Camera Upload is set to be available on iOS and Android devices in the coming weeks.

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