1. There’s a host of great media centre apps out there – I covered Plex and XBMC as they’re two of the more established options… no reflection on the others out there!

  1. After years of using Windows Media Center + MyMovies, I’m beginning to think about moving off WMC, since Microsoft clearly don’t give a toss about it. Although it’s early days, I like what I’m seeing in MediaBrowser 3. It seems to be a properly architected client server solution, rather than something that’s just grown in all directions and complexity. I suspect that it will become the application environment for my next HTPC.

  2. Enjoying the book.
    You published it the day after my NUC got delivered, so it was a “must buy”.
    One question – why isn’t it available in mobi format like a lot of the other WGS publications?
    I have an epub to mobi format converter, but for some reason it doesn’t convert the page numbers.
    This latter issue makes it a chore to get to my last read page when reading the guide on my Kindle.

    1. Hi – thanks for the question. I’ve not been happy with the image compression experienced when converting to .mobile – to get to a decent file size, the various formatting tools available really hammer the eBook file and images end up very blurry.

      I can get a mobi sorted out but note it may be a big file to download.

      Nuts to Amazon and their proprietary formats 🙂

      1. Hi Terry.
        “Big File” is relative. most ebooks are tiny compared to video for example.
        Me – I’d vote for getting a .mobi version with working page numbers. (Download via Virgin 120 mbs isn’t an issue 😉 )
        I’m using the Guide in pdf format on my PC when I’m actually tinkering with NUC, so it’s easy to refer to and the screenshots are clear.
        Then I normally read ahead, on the Kindle, during my daily commute to work. That’s where the pain of no page numbers comes in. Having tinkered with the NUC the previous evening, I then have to page through an entire chapter on the Kindle to start reading new stuff.
        Maybe I should just swap the kindle for something that supports epub 🙂

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