ASUSTOR Launches ADM 2.1 Beta

ASUSTOR today unveiled a beta software update for their range of network attached storage devices. ADM 2.1 brings a number of enhancements to the company’s software platform, including improved support for Bluetooth devices, improvements to files and folders navigation, a brand new feature allowing external hard drives to be utilised for data archiving as well as a number of new applications for the ADM platform.

Improvements include:

  • File Explorer: thumbnail previews of files are now supported with drag and drop file transfers from computer to NAS, high-speed file transfers of large files through their web browser, and a My Computer feature which allows users to  transfer files between their computer and NAS from within File Explorer.
  • MyArchive: allows users to use hard disks as removable storage archives. Users can  plug in an archive when they need it and swap it out for a different one when they don’t.
  • Bluetooth Support: ADM now features support for Bluetooth devices including speakers, keyboards and mice.  Users will be able to stream music from the NAS to their Bluetooth speakers using the SoundsGood media player app, while keyboards and mice will bring added convenience to the ASUSTOR Portal experience on connected TVs.

New Apps

  • Takeasy: Takeasy allows users to download online videos and playlists from sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and others. Users have the option of selecting the type of video file and video quality that they want.
  • VPN Server: ASUSTOR’s VPN Server App allows an ASUSTOR NAS to act as either a VPN server or client, allowing users to quickly establish secure connections. VPN Server supports commonly used PPTP and OpenVPN protocols, gives users the ability to instantly view and disconnect connections when acting as a VPN server, and supports the ability to disconnect and automatically connect upon system startup when acting as a VPN client.
  • Antivirus: ASUSTOR’s antivirus App stops malware from infecting the NAS, user accounts and other external devices. It effectively protects critical data on the NAS and prevents malware from spreading by providing automatic virus definition updates and quarantining of infected files.

New Mobile App

  • AiMusic: Available for both iOS and Android, AiMusic integrates with ASUSTOR’s SoundsGood App to allow users to stream music from their NAS to their mobile device, letting them enjoy their entire music collection while on the go. AiMusic also allows for the creation of different types of playlists and also allows for the downloading of songs to the mobile device for offline listening.

New Chrome/FireFox Add-on

  • Download Helper: Download Helper is an add-on for Google Chrome and FireFox that allows users to right click on any download link and then instruct their NAS to download the file for them. Download Helper also provides a simple management interface, allowing users to quickly view the status and execute simple management tasks on all their downloads.

The release also includes a number of fixes and improvements to existing features, including:

ADM built-in functions

  • Added support for more WiFi devices
  • WebDav enhancement (internal)
  • Enchanced compatibility with Toshiba external drives
  • “System notification with other SMTP server” issue fixed
  • “Initialization page quick setup” issue fixed
  • “Import certificate” issue fixed
  • “Initialization page quick setup” issue fixed
  • “Open file through Searchlight” issue fixed
  • “Searchlight Home folder focus” issue fixed
  • “File Explorer with Java upload” issue fixed

ASUSTOR Portal 1.0.1.r115

  • Supports resolution adjustment for 1080p/1080i/720p/720i for AS-3/AS-2TE series
  • Supports ASUSTOR Portal display information control
  • Supports default start App configuration in ASUSTOR Portal
  • Improved App start up stability
  • “ASUSTOR Portal start up” issue fixed

SoundsGood 1.0.1.r513

  • Supports Bluetooth speakers
  • Supports AiMusic app for iOS
  • “192K FLAC music format” issue fixed
  • Improved Flac file playback

Dropbox 1.0.1.r76

  • “Language display” issue fixed

ASUS Web Storage 0.9.1.r1471

  • “Language display” issue fixed

iTunes Server 1.0.3.r153

  • “Music folder indexing” issue fixed
  • “HDMI detection” issue fixed
  • “Language display” issue fixed

To check out the beta, head over to the ASUSTOR website.



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