ioSafe and Synology Team Up on the Disaster-Proof ioSafe NAS 1513+

Whilst NAS vendors work hard to protect your data through advanced RAID and client backup solutions, on the hardware side, if fire or flood hits your premises that chassis isn’t going to take too much stress before it gives up the ghost. That’s why ioSafe have teamed up with Synology on the ioSafe NAS 1513+ – a “disaster-proof” network attached storage appliance powered by Synology’s DiskStation Manager software.

The ioSafe NAS 1513+ is a hardened 5 bay device which, like other higher-end Synology devices, allows expansion to ten or fifteen bays courtesy of compatible 5 bay expansion modules. Inside, the ioSafe NAS 1513+ is powered by Intel’s 2.13 GHz Atom CPU coupled with 2GB RAM – expandable to 4GB should you you need the extra horse power.

But it’s outside that makes ioSafe’s solution a little different. The ioSafe 1513+ utilises the company’s patented DataCAse, HydroSafe and FloSafe technologies to protect data from loss in a fire of up to 1550F or submission in fresh or salt water up to 10 feet for three days.

All of the usual Synology bells and whistles are included – virtualisation support, file sharing, media streaming, backup, RAID storage management and more. ioSafe quote file transfer speeds up to 202.3 MB/s write and 350.9 MB/s read, so the 1513+ is no slouch either.

“We’re excited about the continued partnership with ioSafe. Protected with ioSafe’s technology and the award- winning Synology DiskStation Manager the ioSafe 1513+ builds secure private clouds for businesses of all sizes, allowing them to share and synchronize data around the world” said Vic Hsu, CEO of Synology Inc.

“For the first time, ioSafe is providing enterprise grade features, speed and data protection for the rest of us. Imagine being in complete control of your personal, hardened mini-data center. The ioSafe 1513+ will truly allow the best of all worlds – speed, security, control and redundancy with none of the monthly fees and vulnerabilities of the public cloud,” says Robb Moore, ioSafe CEO. “The person most interested in protecting your data is you and the ioSafe 1513+ is a critical piece of your security solution. The ioSafe 1513+ is designed for the 70-80% of data that sits outside the public cloud – critical data that might be too massive or expensive to upload but access is still occasionally needed.”

The ioSafe 1513+ will ship in March with the diskless version weighing in at $1599.99. Optional expansion modules, floor mount kits and rack mount kits will begin shipping in May 2014. In the meantime, check out our reviews of ioSafe’s N2 NAS and ioSafe Solo.


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