How To: Stream Music and Video With Plex Media Server

Our How To series has so far focused on Windows Server 2012 Essentials. But our latest guide can be followed by Windows, Windows Home Server and Windows Server 2012 Essentials users (Mac guys too, mostly!).

If you’re a big fan of movies and music then streaming your media around your connected home is a must have. In our view, the king of the media server apps is Plex. With a server application available for Windows, Mac, Linux and NAS and client applications available for computers, mobile handsets, media streamers and connected TVs you’ll struggle to find a better app that fits your media needs and works with many of the devices you own already.

In this guide to Plex, Cameron Bishop walks you step by step through downloading and configuring Plex Media Server, adding your media libraries and streaming media to connected clients. Then, he covers more advanced topics such as metadata agents, setting up Plex Channels and configuring Windows to run Plex Media Server as a service.

Once you’re up and running with Plex, with the help of this guide, your connected home will take a giant leap forward.

Formats: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Pages: 38 (A4 Print equivalent)
Price: £1.99

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  1. Let’s have this discussion using a server that makes $en$e, Ubuntu LTS, ‘LTS’ standing for Long Term Support.

    A server that many millions find superior to Windows and Ubuntu LTS server is free to install, free to use, free to upgrade.

    Unlike Windows Server.
    Plex works fantastic on Ubuntu. I’ve set up more Ubuntu servers than I can count and they work great for people using Windows, Mac, or Linux or Android devices/computers.

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