Stocking Filler Time: Power Tap

As we get closer to the holidays, the tech industry PR machine goes into overdrive, with press releases and ideas for gift guides flying around all over the place. It’s rare that my attention is grabbed my much of what lands in my inbox, but the Power Tap is a USB adaptor which would make a cute gift for a tech-loving friend or family member.

Yes, it’s a power adaptor. Yes it’s massively gimmicky. Yes, it’s quite fun. According to the marketing blurb, over 6000 were sold in the first five hours of release here in the UK. The concept is simple, plug in, connect USB lead to device, turn the tap, get power. But not before you hand over £19.95.

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  1. Yes it’s massively gimmicky. Yes, it’s quite fun
    But at 20 quid – No it’s not going into my Xmas stocking…..

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