Using OS X Mavericks Server at Home is Now Listed at Amazon

Apple’s brand new server OS is here, and our accompanying eBook, Using OS X Mavericks Server at Home, has been flying off the (virtual) shelves here at WGS.

With the first week of release completed, I’m delighted to announce that the eBook is now available to purchase directly from Amazon around the world.

Purchasing from Amazon provides added convenience for Kindle owners who can have the eBook sent directly to their devices over the air – bear in mind though that purchasing directly from us here at WGS provides you with a PDF, ePub and Mobi edition of the eBook which ensures compatibility with a host of devices – including Amazon’s Kindle which uses the .Mobi format. 2013-10-29 07-25-29

As you can see from the screenshot above, Using OS X Mavericks Server at Home is current the #1 Bestseller in Amazon’s Client-Server Systems eBook category and is the #7 in the Kindle MacOS chart. I’m not too hopeful of hitting the New York Times Bestseller List any time soon, but I’m glad to see a few Amazon customers are picking up the eBook.

For iBooks readers, stay tuned for details of the eBook hitting Apple’s online store – they’re currently reviewing the title and fingers crossed it’ll be released for sale soon.

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  1. some one was unhappy on an ibooks review that the chapter on hosting websites from home etc was not helpful…anyone have a comment about that../?

    1. I don’t see a review at iBooks right now, so can’t respond directly.

      What I will say is that we cover the the Wiki publishing tool that Apple supplies in OS X Mavericks in depth. With regard to custom websites, it’s difficult to cover that side of things in sufficient depth in a general OS guide – really you’d want to cover it in a separate book and go into HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Apache and so on. So the book certainly isn’t trying to offer a deep dive into web publishing – but as mentioned we go into Apple’s dedicated Wiki tool in a step by step walkthrough.

      1. Thanks Terry. I really appreciate your reply. What I’m looking to do (as a complete server novice) is to set up a server for my increasingly computer-resource gobbling children, so that I can host their files centrally to facilitate backup as well allow them to log in and access them from the various mac “terminals” that have acclimated around the house. I believe I would need to set up an open directory server (if i’m reading things correctly)…will your book help me with that..??

        Thanks in advance

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