With a variety of manufacturers and service providers bringing new offerings to the market, Smart Home Heating appears to be creating a buzz here in the UK.

Whilst we’re yet to see the darling of the North American market, Nest, launch in the UK other manufacturers are preparing their assault on the connected home. As reported a couple of weeks ago, British Gas have launched a new brand to take advantage of the emerging need for smart home services and today, Honeywell have announced a new evohome product which promises intelligent control of your water and home heating and reduce your utility bills.

As Sonos does for audio, evohome does for heating – allowing you to create up to 12 zones in your house that can be heated independently via a wireless touchscreen thermostat and/or remote apps for iOS and Android devices. According to the company, upgrading a basic timer and a thermostat controls to evohome smart zoning can deliver up to 40% savings on heating your home.


However, the intelligence doesn’t end there – based on your standard energy consumption and room temperature history, evohome’s radiator home kits can detect when a window is open in a room and shut down the heating in that zone to reduce energy consumption – with the option for the user to over-ride, obviously.

As you’d expect, that intelligence comes on top of more standard features which allow you to set temperature schedules and manage your heating remotely via phone or tablet – whether out of the home or simply away from the thermostat.

Arriving in January 2014, and coming in a range of colours the evohome Connected Pack, which includes an internet gateway, will be priced from £249. Radiator zone kits will be sold separately, to allow as many or as few zones as you require, and will be priced at £77. For details on the product and recognised installers, check out the Honeywell website.