OS X Mavericks Gold Master Available, Final Release Expected This Month

Apple today released their ‘Gold Master” of OS X Mavericks 10.9, the latest iteration of their operating system to developers. That comes ahead of an anticipated release to the public towards the end of October.

OS X Mavericks is an incremental release with updates to apps such as Safari and Calendar, improved integration with iOS 7 and enhanced energy saving features.

Also set to ship with the main OS release will be OS X Mavericks Server, Apple’s Server add-on. As with previous releases, we’ll have an eBook available which will guide users through the use of OS X Mavericks Server in the home. But this time, we’ll have the eBook available on the day of release as I’ve been hard at work writing the book through the summer!



Using OS X Mavericks Server at Home will support you step by step through installing and configuring OS X Mavericks Server as your home server. It walks through the new features in the platform, and helps you understand how to use OS X Server’s features with Macs, PCs and iOS tablets and smartphones. Illustrated with hundreds of colour screenshots, there’s no easier way to get up and running quickly and OS X Server.

Using OS X Mavericks Server at Home will be priced at £12.99 and will be available from WGS Store as soon as Apple releases OS X Mavericks Server to the public.

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