Review: Genius Ring Pointer

This is how reviews occasionally start: I am asked if there is anything that I might find interesting to look at that is on a manufacturer’s website.  After all, what is the point in sending someone an item to review if that person has no interest in that item?  No interest = blah review.

The subject of today’s review is the result of that scenario, the Genius Ring Pointer.

ring pointer 1

This little device is designed to be used with Microsoft PowerPoint and duplicates the keyboard functions to

  • Start/Stop presentation
  • Previous page
  • Next page
  • Blank/Un-blank page

In addition, the Ring Pointer has a

  • Laser pointer
  • Power on-off function

Now that you know what the ring pointer actually is, you may wonder why I was interested in reviewing it.  First, I would have to say I am fortunate in that I do not have to make PowerPoint presentations.  When I saw this particular device, however, I was quite curious as to how well it worked, thought that there might be a fair number of readers who *do* have to make PowerPoint presentations, and it gave me the chance to actually play around a bit with PowerPoint.

The Ring Pointer comes neatly packed in one of those clear plastic packages with the shiny ring face front and center.

Once removed, the kit contains the ring, a USB receiver, User’s Manual, charging cable, and a felt-like carrying bag.

A few close up shots of the pointer by itself.


As indicated above, the Ring Pointer uses a rechargeable battery, specifically a slim Li-ion battery.  There is a battery-low indicator on the ring that flashes blue when it’s time to recharge.  The Ring Pointer uses 2.4GHz RF technology to communicate with a computer and can work at distances up to 10 meters.

The following shot shows off how the USB receiver can be stored on the ring, plus the USB charging port and laser eye.


In the preceding picture, you may also notice the rubber construction including the bulb element under the working surface.  This ensures a tight, but comfortable slip-free fit on one’s finger for just about anyone.

Finally, a shot with the ring pointer on my finger.  What is nice is that my right hand is free to write down notes, and work a keyboard or trackpad if needed.  For the most part, I can use the left hand for most anything I need to do even with the ring pointer still on my finger.

Once fully charged, it is time to get beyond looks, ergonomics, and other features and see how it works.  I fired up PowerPoint and opened a PP file.  I slipped the Ring Pointer on to my finger and pressed the middle button for a few seconds or so to turn on the pointer.  I pressed the button just above the middle power button and PowerPoint went right into presentation Slide Show.  Pushing on the left/right buttons took me back and forth on the screens.  If I pushed the middle button, the Slide Show blanked in a “pause” mode so that the presenter could answer questions, etc. without the distraction of having a slide on the screen.

Finally, a simple push on the lower button turned on the laser pointer for emphasizing portions of the presentation.

Once you have completed the presentation, simply hold down the middle button for a few seconds or so to turn off the pointer.

And there you have it.  A specialty device for use with Microsoft’s PowerPoint is what you will find in the Genius Ring Pointer and one that works quite well as advertised.  Of course, you can use the laser pointer for a multitude of uses, such as entertaining the cat, sans the need to connect to a computer.  As a specialty device, it is easy to use and fits nicely on the finger making a very ergonomic item.

Cost-wise, it is available from Amazon for $62.  I could not find it on the Amazon UK website, but as the Ring Pointer is a “new” product, it might take a bit of time to get there.  While $62 seems quite a bit, a quick search indicated that the Ring Pointer to be a mid-priced PowerPoint presentation remote.  Now, if you could use the Ring Pointer also as an “air” mouse, this would be one very cool device.

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  1. The only relevant use for this would be as a HTPC-controller. And it doesn’t seem to be able to be used for that = useless.

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