Samsung HomeSync Lite Turns Your New (Samsung) PC into a Personal Cloud

Samsung revealed a host of new ATIV-branded Windows hardware yesterday, including the innovative ATIV Q, which ships with both Android and Windows 8 on board, ATIV Book notebooks and ATIV One all in one PC.

Ahead of the company’s new HomeSync Android-based Media Center hardware shipping this year, Samsung have introduced the ability to use any of their new PCs as a personal cloud device. The new feature, Samsung HomeSync Lite, is not a new idea but allows users to store, share and access any of their files inside and outside the home – negating the need for dedicated home server hardware.

HomeSync Lite works with external hard drives connected to the PC, so you can build up a healthy amount of additional storage for your files, and share them across your devices – one hitch, which you’ve probably guessed, is that HomeSync Lite hooks into the Samsung ecosystem, so if you want to make the most of HomeSync Lite, get buying that Samsung hardware.

This (slightly weird) video provides the lowdown:

Bravo to Samsung for jumping into the Personal Cloud space, and HomeSync Lite may do a good job for casual users – however, the forthcoming HomeSync hardware looks like a better bet for Samsung users.



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