Review: Samsung Galaxy S4 Extra Battery Kit

So, you’ve treated yourself to the new Samsung Galaxy S4, got it set up and charged. You’ve had a good look through the features – exciting stuff! You’re now using it on a daily basis and you realise…. the Samsung Galaxy S4’s battery life is really poor. If, like me, you like your screen bright and you’re out there using the Samsnung Galaxy S4’s features to the max then you’re going to be out of juice in 5-6 hours. That’s not really good enough, is it?

So, rather than back in a higher capacity battery that would add to the size of the handset, the marketing brainiacs at Samsung decided to release an accessory that allows you to pay for the privilege of that extra battery life. Ladies and gentlemen, all hail the Samsung Galaxy S4 Extra Battery Kit!

At a smidge under £30.00, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Extra Battery Kit (EB-K600BEW) isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s pretty straightforward to use. Open the pack and you’ll find a white plastic charging unit into which you slip in the spare 2600 mAh battery (the same capacity as your standard Galaxy S4 battery) and close over the door.

Whilst you can charge the battery without it having to be physically inserted into your handset, Samsung neglected to include a spare microUSB cable, so you’ll either need to purchase a separate cable or use your smartphone charger. For £30.00, you’d think they would stump up the pennies for an extra cable, but these are the modern times we live in.

Once plugged in, you’ll see a red LED light illuminate – charging is fast – 2-3 hours for a full charge and that lamp will turn green.

That’s your lot – you’ll double your smartphone power capacity through the day through rotation and should no longer be caught short just when you needed to send that vital email. It’s twice as expensive as I’d like, and there are bound to be a swathe of Jonny No-brand competitors you could try out – but if you need that extra juice and prefer to stick with branded gear, open up your wallet and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Extra Battery Kit will serve you well.


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