Bose SoundLink Mini Packs Massive Bluetooth Sound in a Portable Package

With a vast array of “me too” Bluetooth speakers hitting the market from a plethora of manufacturers, you’d wonder how a premium brand like Bose would try to stand out. The answer was revealed today at a launch event in London – smaller speaker, bigger sound, cheaper price.

The Bose SoundLink Mini speaker fits in the palm of your hand, connects your your Bluetooth device of choice – PC, tablet or smartphone – and pumps out a surprisingly high quality sound that belies its diminutive size. That sound is driven by a number of new design features inside the speaker, including  two new passive bass radiators to reproduce the low range, alongside new custom-designed neodymium transducers for the mid and high range which move twice the air as conventional designs.  The result, to these ears, sounded fantastic – deep, full bass and clear, well defined mids and trebles which play at high volume without distortion.

The SoundLink Mini’s anodised aluminium chassis looks the business and does not suffer from the ubiquitous fingerprint smudges and scratches. It ships with a charging cradle to power an onboard Lithium Ion battery that should be good for at least seven hours of continuous playback.

Unlike competitor devices, there’s no NFC connection or handsfree calling but the SoundLink Mini will politely drop your music when a call is received and resume automatically when the call is finished. Expect the Bluetooth connection range to be around the usual 10m, walls depending. The SoundLink Mini can also remember six different devices for quicker connections.

Accessories including soft covers in orange, green and blue (£20.95) plus a travel bag (£37.95) will be available at launch to customise and protect your speaker on the move.


The Bose SoundLink Mini ships on 11th July 2013 and is available for pre-order today over at Yours for an entirely reasonable £169.95.


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