Acer Joins the Personal Cloud Party With the Orbe

At the start of the year, we saw Personal Cloud devices (you’re not allowed to call them home servers anymore. Fact.) announced by a variety of consumer electronics manufacturers, including Samsung’s HomeSync and Sony’s Personal Content Station – two Android based devices offering remote access to your digital stuff. Today at the Computex trade show, Acer threw their hat into the ring (or should that be up in the air) with the Orbe.

Not much is know about the Orbe at this point, but Engadget reports that it’s a 2TB storage hub (so twice the capacity of Sony and Samsung’s forthcoming efforts) housed in an (slightly squashed) orb shaped chassis. The device is designed to be always on and always connected.

The wireless device includes a rear Ethernet connection for hitching up to your router, and from there, you can stream and share away on your PC, Phone or Tablet. At this point, we’d assume that all devices are supported for connection, rather than just Acer hardware.

Is 2013 the year of the Personal Cloud? With mainstream tech brands getting in on the act, it certainly looks like it.

Image credit: Engadget


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