From the Makers of Drobo Storage…. More Storage! (Sorry, “P2P Personal Cloud”.)

Fans of Drobo’s easy to use direct and network attached storage will be no strangers to the name Geoff Barrall – after all, he’s one of the guys who founded the popular storage company back in 2005. You may be less familiar with his latest company, Connected Data, and their new Kickstarter-funded Transporter device. It’s a Private Cloud storage solution which, according to the company, is designed to put Dropbox, YouSendIt and Carbonite out of commission. And it’s heading to Europe.

Starting at less than £200 for a diskless model (£179 without a hard drive, £249 for 1TB and £325 for 2TB) Transporter was released in the US earlier in the year following a successful round of consumer funding from Kickstarter. The device plugs into your network via Ethernet and offers file synchronisation, sharing, remote access and protection including the ability to limit access and storage to authorised devices via a peer to peer network. Easy P2P connections to remote Transporter devices owned by family and friends allows creation of larger storage networks shared between those you trust.

“With the rise of mobile computing, consumers need robust technology solutions that enable them to share and access files on the go,” said Dave Reinsel, group vice president at IDC. “Connected Data’s approach is very unique in that it provides a completely private, peer-to-peer solution that only hosts data on authorized devices. With thousands of Transporter units sold in the first few months of production, Connected Data is clearly on the right path.”


The European release sees the Transporter controller software move to v2,0 with the following enhancements:

  • Simplified interface — Version 2.0 provides full drag-and-drop support, right-click functionality and the ability to share links to files with others.
  • Flexible sync options for limited capacity devices – Most cloud storage providers offer “all or nothing” syncing where everything is either synced across all devices or not accessible. With Transporter v2.0, users can sync and share critical folders (e.g. work documents) while still having the ability to access and share large folders (e.g. music, photo or movie collections) stored on Transporter from any device.
  •  New iOS and Android mobile apps – Transporter v2.0 also introduces new iOS and Android mobile applications allowing users to remotely access, upload, download and share files stored on Transporter directly from their iOS or Android device.
  • Remote access and connection enhancements – Transporter v2.0 has enhanced connection technology to ensure that users will be able to connect to and access their Transporter files regardless of the firewall security that may be in place.


Expect to see Transporter land in Europe next month. UK retailers will include Dabs, Expansys and Transparent Communications. If you’re in the US, follow the link below to check the device out and buy.

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