How to: Install the Samsung Evolution Kit (SEK-1000) On Your Samsung Smart TV

So, you’re ready (or about to be ready) to upgrade your 2012 Samsung TV with new hardware. That’s right – a new processor, RAM and graphics processor. No screwdrivers required, today, we’re going to install the all new Samsung Evolution Kit on our TV – a small add-on box that houses all of the kit required to upgrade our TV to the 2013 standard. Let’s get started.

Can I Upgrade My TV?

Before you splash out the £250 or so upgrade cost, note that you’ll need to own a compatible  2012 Samsung Smart TV – that’s a 2012 ES7000 LED panel or above, or the E8000 PDP plasma. As a top tip, have a look at the back of your TV – if you see a big Evolution Kit sticker, then you’re most likely covered. Now, get the Evolution Kit unboxed, and then let’s walk through the installation. Here’s today’s patient – a UE46ES7000 2012 Samsung TV. As you can see, this shot has been taken pre-installation, running Samsung’s 2012 Smart Hub.



1. Ensure You’re Running Your TV’s Latest Software

Go to the main TV menu, select Support and then Software Update. Choose Online to check for an update to download via your TV, or for the very latest updates, head to the Samsung website and download the software from there. You can install updates downloaded from the website via USB – full instructions are provided with the download. Run the update (if needed) and your TV will restart.

2. Power Off the TV and Remove Any Cable Connections

As my TV is wall hung, I’ll need to take it down off the wall to be able to access the rear panel where the Evolution Kit will slot in. Power down the TV, removing the plug and take out any connecting cables, labelling them if necessary so you can remember your HDMI connection order.


3. Remove the Evolution Kit Sticker on the Rear of the TV

On the rear left hand side of the TV, you’ll notice a sticker that reads”Evolution Kit”. Peel it off, and you’ll expose two mounting holes and a connector for the Evolution Kit.

4. Connect the Evolution Kit to the TV’s Rear Connector

Carefully remove the connector cover from the Evolution Kit, then insert the two prongs on the rear left of the kit into the two mounting holes on the rear of the TV. Once in, push the Evolution Kit back so that the connector fits into the socket on the TV. Give it a final push to snap it into place and you’ll see the kit is held tightly to the rear of the TV.

5. Connect the Ethernet Cable to the Evolution Kit

One difference when using the Evo Kit with an Ethernet connection is that whilst you used to plug your Ethernet cable into the TV itself, you’ll now plug your Ethernet cable into the Evo Kit, courtesy of a none-too-graceful adaptor cable. Remove the small sticker on the Evo Kit which covers the adaptor port, then slot in the adaptor cable – it locks into the socket securely. Then slot in your Ethernet cable.

6. Connect Your Cables Back Up and Power On.

Connect up the rest of your cables as they were, and re-hang your TV should you need to. The hardware installation is done. You may be concerned that sticking the Evo Kit on the back of your TV may cause a problem when you re-hang the TV on the wall. If you’re using Samsung’s own wall-hanging kit (or a very close approximation) then don’t worry – the Evo Kit is sized to a very similar depth to the wall brackets, so your TV won’t be pushed further forward off the wall. Once connected, power up and switch on the TV.

7. The Evolution Kit is Detected

The TV will detect the Evo Kit and you’ll see a progress bar fill. The TV will then check your TV’s software version (you updated at the beginning, right?) and then will run a software upgrade. Once complete, the TV will restart. You’ll be presented with a black screen for about 30 seconds (cue panic) but wait! You should see an animation and some music, announcing the arrival of the Evolution Kit and 2013 Smart Hub, and you’re ready for an installation wizard.



      1. Sorry for delay in replying. Samsung are aware of the problem but so far unable to fix it. Told Currys of the problem but they are not prepared to take it back (after 2 days)! They agree there is an “issue” with the kit as advised by Samsung, but they say an issue is not a problem and still not prepared to take it back!! Buyers beware!! I have now passed the Currys problem on to American Express-will keep you advised!!

      2. I installed the Evolution kit today. (Living in Norway, cabel provider GET) I also got problems with the postal codes issue, and contacted Samsung support. They told me there are still no update regarding the postal codes error!

        On the Norwegian Samsung support page there are a firmvare update versjon 1003.1 Multi language for the “Evolutionary(?) kit SEK-1000” (installed on my kit)

        The US Samsung support webpage offer the v. 1005.2 “Evolution Kit SEK-1000” ENGLISH language.

        Anyone tested this version? And is it possible to use this on my “norwegian” kit? (note: different name on Norwegian and US kit name)

    1. I found a solution on my Evolution kit installed on my Samsung UE55ES8005 TV not accepting Norwegian postcode ( or any other postcodes than US postcodes).

      Prior setting up my new Evolution kit, I was using US DNS in my router (Unblock-US), and when setting up the kit, the system only recognized US postcodes.
      The solution is to change the “app store country” when setting up the system. After following these steps from support Unblock-US webpage I was able to enter my Norwegian post code (zip code).

      Read here:

      Hope this can solve your problem.

      Regards Gorm

  1. I received my evolution kit by courier yesterday from currys, was very eager to get the 2013 samsung TV exp, but have been struggle to make it work since yesterday

    few issues – the evolution kit is not detected by the tv most of the time

    Once, TV succesfully detected the kit, and the software update was done, TV configured – but in 30 mins I started the seeing some red grains on the screen, and when checked the kit was very hot – it was burning

    Detached the tv after this issue and restored the tv to the previous state, now the tv and picture quality became just alright (no red grains)

    I wanted to reinstall the kit and see if this again becomes very warm and red grains reappear – but this time the kit is detected easily but tv doesn’t seem to connect to wifi when the kit is on.

    Can anyone help

    1. Sure thing – the kit has worked really well for me so far. The TV is definitely more responsive and the new Smart Hub looks great. The update helps the TV to work better with Sky boxes, in that you can see what’s on and what’s coming, and the IR Blaster can change channels on the box when you select a programme – although I still need to see whether it can show the entire Sky guide rather than just the selected channels it picks out.

      AllShare Play looks a lot better now, and hasn’t had any issues playing back music, video and photos. The new, smaller, remote takes a little getting used to as it now pulls up an onscreen display for Menu, Tools etc, rather than buttons on the remote itself.

      On the downside, the Samsung Apps experience hasn’t changed, and there’s still not a great selection of apps available. Plex gets a revision on 2013 TVs, so if you’re a Plex user, you’ll find a better looking UI with Music now supported, so that’s a plus – but Samsung really need to invest/encourage more development for Smart TV.

      Overall, I’m really happy with the upgrade – it’s definitely a premium priced accessory, but if you’re a heavy users of your TV’s Smart Hub as we are at home, then you’ll be able to justify the expense for a better experience.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience. I fixed the issue, TV needed a firmware upgrade via USB before it can connect to the wifi and complete the kit installation, may be the kit removed an update when installed earlier on. Now I’m absolutely enjoying the 2013 experience – the UI, the improved voice and gesture controls, some of the enhanced apps like the web browser and YouTube. The browser particularly has gone through a lot of enhancement and works beautifully well with the new remote. It’s indeed an evolution as promised by samsung, but the smart tv exp has still a long way to go before it can get into every home

    1. Hi Mr Johnmay80, could you please explain the steps how you upgraded the firmware. I have the same issue with the wifi it shows the wifi but id not connect. I tried to upgrade with the latest tv firmware 1051.2 with the evo kit attached with usb it says no valid firmware upgrade found. shall i remove the evo kit upgrade the tv firmware and attach the evo kit and upgrade its firware too.

      Please help me. Thanks.

  3. Why does this need its own remote? Does the original Samsung remote now become obsolete? I find that it’s ridiculous that I need yet, another remote. Only if they could make it so that we use our existing Samsung remote.

  4. I had troble with my es8000 detection of kit by the 20th time i got it, red grainy issue i also had, guess do to kit not snapped all tne way on i didnt want to damage my tv, but last time pushed more firmly, and there it was finally, it does run hot, but the tv was warm in that area before hand to so idk, but nice ui, upgrade, more responsive i love my tv more now than before

  5. Also am in usa, not sure if it matters, i also called samsung they said my kit was defective, but i think was do tonot connecting correctly caused red grain effects, n pixels streak/bleeding different colors vertically

  6. The new remote control doesn’t work properly. Only the on/off button is working. I had to do the upgrade procedure using the old one. Can I pair it in a different way?

    1. i have the same issue, it actually works if i disconnect the evo kit in the back and go back to the previous experience, but once the evo kit is on, only on and off works on that damn remote. very disappointed. hope an update will fix it soon.

  7. fitted my kit, detects and sets up ok, but cannot find any Wi-Fi, will not connect via LAN either, swapped for another unit but still the same, currently back in its box…..

  8. just recieved my new Evo, plugged it in and …nothing, no response, software is updated but I still have 2012 screen…..HELP!!!

    1. I see the same issue as posted by Leo. I called the Samsung tech and they said this could be a defective units and I have to send it back. I asked for the supervisor to get on call as it was wasting my time and energy. The Sup connected me to a customer support who agreed to replace the unit free of charge, but I have to send the defective unit back to Samsung (they will be providing me the shipping label though). It is surprising to see 2 units in a row going defective. Not sure if this is a batch issue, but this is really serious.

      Did you buy the unit from Amazon?. Not sure if Amazon has a stock of rogue HW from Samsung. This is really serious and the customers should raise this up with Samsung. Please open a support case with Samsung

  9. I got the EK from Amazon, I’m in Nigeris and I use the es7500, I try to use the EK but I always get an error message telling me software “upgrade is not available”

  10. I am in Pakistan and i have got the same problem with my es8000 as albini79 is facing. If someone has fix for it please do share! Help will be really appreciated and thanks a lot terry for such a great Information..

  11. hello All, I bought the evolution kit and tried installing it on to my TV. It is a Samsung Es 7000 46 ‘ model.
    The software has been updated and it says it is running on 02014 model. As soon as I install the kit it says Kit detected and the progress bar goes up to 100 % and the comes up with this message ‘ NO Updates Avaliable on the USB Device’.
    I live in london and I am using SEK -1000/xc
    Sorry how can i install this ??
    Any suggestion would be kindly appreciated

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