So, you’re ready (or about to be ready) to upgrade your 2012 Samsung TV with new hardware. That’s right – a new processor, RAM and graphics processor. No screwdrivers required, today, we’re going to install the all new Samsung Evolution Kit on our TV – a small add-on box that houses all of the kit required to upgrade our TV to the 2013 standard. Let’s get started.

Can I Upgrade My TV?

Before you splash out the £250 or so upgrade cost, note that you’ll need to own a compatible  2012 Samsung Smart TV – that’s a 2012 ES7000 LED panel or above, or the E8000 PDP plasma. As a top tip, have a look at the back of your TV – if you see a big Evolution Kit sticker, then you’re most likely covered. Now, get the Evolution Kit unboxed, and then let’s walk through the installation. Here’s today’s patient – a UE46ES7000 2012 Samsung TV. As you can see, this shot has been taken pre-installation, running Samsung’s 2012 Smart Hub.



1. Ensure You’re Running Your TV’s Latest Software

Go to the main TV menu, select Support and then Software Update. Choose Online to check for an update to download via your TV, or for the very latest updates, head to the Samsung website and download the software from there. You can install updates downloaded from the website via USB – full instructions are provided with the download. Run the update (if needed) and your TV will restart.

2. Power Off the TV and Remove Any Cable Connections

As my TV is wall hung, I’ll need to take it down off the wall to be able to access the rear panel where the Evolution Kit will slot in. Power down the TV, removing the plug and take out any connecting cables, labelling them if necessary so you can remember your HDMI connection order.


3. Remove the Evolution Kit Sticker on the Rear of the TV

On the rear left hand side of the TV, you’ll notice a sticker that reads”Evolution Kit”. Peel it off, and you’ll expose two mounting holes and a connector for the Evolution Kit.

4. Connect the Evolution Kit to the TV’s Rear Connector

Carefully remove the connector cover from the Evolution Kit, then insert the two prongs on the rear left of the kit into the two mounting holes on the rear of the TV. Once in, push the Evolution Kit back so that the connector fits into the socket on the TV. Give it a final push to snap it into place and you’ll see the kit is held tightly to the rear of the TV.

5. Connect the Ethernet Cable to the Evolution Kit

One difference when using the Evo Kit with an Ethernet connection is that whilst you used to plug your Ethernet cable into the TV itself, you’ll now plug your Ethernet cable into the Evo Kit, courtesy of a none-too-graceful adaptor cable. Remove the small sticker on the Evo Kit which covers the adaptor port, then slot in the adaptor cable – it locks into the socket securely. Then slot in your Ethernet cable.

6. Connect Your Cables Back Up and Power On.

Connect up the rest of your cables as they were, and re-hang your TV should you need to. The hardware installation is done. You may be concerned that sticking the Evo Kit on the back of your TV may cause a problem when you re-hang the TV on the wall. If you’re using Samsung’s own wall-hanging kit (or a very close approximation) then don’t worry – the Evo Kit is sized to a very similar depth to the wall brackets, so your TV won’t be pushed further forward off the wall. Once connected, power up and switch on the TV.

7. The Evolution Kit is Detected

The TV will detect the Evo Kit and you’ll see a progress bar fill. The TV will then check your TV’s software version (you updated at the beginning, right?) and then will run a software upgrade. Once complete, the TV will restart. You’ll be presented with a black screen for about 30 seconds (cue panic) but wait! You should see an animation and some music, announcing the arrival of the Evolution Kit and 2013 Smart Hub, and you’re ready for an installation wizard.