Samsung Smart TV SEK-1000 Evolution Kit Manual Available to Download

If, like me, you’re eagerly anticipating next week’s availability of the Samsung Smart TV SEK-1000 Evolution Kit, then you can satiate your curiosity for a little while by leafing through the kit’s manual, which has just been released on the Samsung website.

As you’d expect, the manual contains full instructions for installing the Evolution Kit, which is compatible with higher-end 2012 Samsung Smart TVs (ES7000 series and up). Once installed, the Kit delivers a number of features included on Samsung’s 2013 Smart TV range, including:

  • Smart Hub: The Evolution Kit features Smart Hub, a multi-purpose entertainment and family centre. With Smart Hub, you can surf the web, download applications, and stay in touch with family and friends through social networking services. In addition, you can view or play photo, video, and music files stored on external storage devices.
  • e-Manual: Provides a detailed, on-screen user’s manual built into the Evolution Kit.
  • Smart Touch Control: The Smart Touch Control makes it easier and more convenient to use the TV. For example, you can use the remote panel’s built-in touch pad to move the focus and make selections as you would on a computer using a mouse. In addition, you can use the virtual remote panel displayed on the screen to change channels, play media files, and access favourites.

There are, however, a number of limitations to be aware of when using the Evo Kit, according to the manual:

  • The Evolution Kit provides many functions that are available on the 2013 Samsung TVs, except some functions, such as Screen Mirroring.
  • The Evolution Kit may not support some apps and functions that are available on the 2012 Samsung TV, such as Software Update > By Channel, printing a photo.
  • A wireless network connection via Plug & Access is not supported. Use a different method such as entering a password or WPS to establish a wireless network connection.
  • Soft APs are not supported. Use Wi-Fi Direct to connect mobile devices to the TV directly.
  • Installing the Evolution Kit may reset some of the existing TV settings.

To check out the manual, head over to where you’ll find the manual waiting for your download. In the meantime, check out this full product gallery, including packshots.


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