Western Digital Boosts Backup With Dropbox Integration

That USB hard drive you bought a while ago for backing up your data? It just got a boost. Western Digital today took the wraps off its new WD SmartWare Pro app – an “easy to use” software tool which allows users to back up files to any USB external hard drive as well as to the Cloud, courtesy of an integration partnership with Dropbox.

Once installed, the app provides a single control panel to manage your files and folders across multiple hard drives as well as Dropbox. The app is compatible with Western Digitals direct and network attached storage devices alongside drives from other manufacturers. Why would they boost their competitors? Well, because you’ll be paying for the privilege – the SmartWare Pro app will ship at a “promotional price” of £19.99 (MSRP £24.99) whilst a £34.99 (MSRP £39.99) promotional premium licence will support use on up to ten computers.

Two backup settings are available – continuous or scheduled, the latter offering hourly, daily or monthly backups to your external drive or Dropbox. Up to 25 previous versions of files can be retrieved and restored should disaster strike.

A 30 day trial of WD SmartWare Pro is shipping now.

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