Intel Seeks to Boost Media Streaming With a New Atom CE5300 Storage Platform

According to the boffins at Intel, the likes of you and me are zapping HD video around the home to an ever-increasing array of fixes and mobile devices – all at the same time. TVs, tablets, smartphones, PCs, media receivers – they’re all great devices for consuming your favourite TV and Movies but shifting all of that content puts a strain on the humble network storage device or home server. So this week, the chip giant announced a new storage platform to ease the pressure.

NAS devices based around the Intel Atom CE5300, a low power system-on-chip solution are expected from ASUSTOR (a new “3 Series” is in plan), Synology and Thecus. The SoC is designed to push multiple HD video streams to devices around the home without taxing your NAS, and is powerful enough to offer real-time transcoding of content from its original 1080p source to alternative formats and lower resolution video for viewing on mobile devices. A dedicated security engine protects user’s content when connecting over an open, unsecure network – keeping your home movies and photos secure if you decide to stream them on your neighbours network.

Expect to see new devices based on the Intel Atom CE5300 hit the market in the next few months, from $299.


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