Windows Server 2012 Essentials: Do You Have WSUS?

A flurry of updates occurred a few weeks ago and one of those updates that may, or may not, have been installed was the Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) role.  If you had looked in the Server Manager Add Rolls and Features Wizard, you might have seen this feature added.

Some of you, such as myself, did not.  Microsoft has just released a hotfix to correct a problem where this update either did not install or did not install properly.

If you check you’re the aforementioned wizard and you do not have the WSUS roll listed, head on over to and download the hotfix update.  Once you install the hotfix, you should now see the WSUS roll as an option.

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    1. If it’s the link in the email they sent, it’s because the ‘)’ at the end is part of link. Take that off and I think the hotfix will download.

  1. It was idiotic for them to block it in the first place. It worked in the betas and then magically stopped working in the release? Oh well – at least they finally reversed it.

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