CES 2013: LaCie Unwraps the 5big Thunderbolt RAID

What’s lightning fast and stores everything you ever need? At CES this week, LaCie unveiled its all new 5big Thunderbolt RAID Series. Five drives times 4TB hooked up to a Thunderbolt connection? That means lots of data moving plenty fast.

Transfer speeds up to 785 MB/s are theoretically supported (real world speeds likely to be less) and the 5big supports RAID 0, 1 and JBOD configurations. Or a combination. Create one fast volume with three disks in RAID 0 and a safe volume with two disks in RAID 1. It’s up to you.

The 5big ships in the same Neil Poulton-designed chassis you now know and, well, maybe you love it – maybe you don’t.

The LaCie 5big is available in 10TB and 20TB capacities starting at $1,199.00 – and yes, they throw in a  Thunderbolt cable too.


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