Software Review: iolo System Mechanic 11.5


Recently, I reviewed a system tweaking and cleanup program called TuneUp Utilities.  iolo System Mechanic 11 is another program that performs the same basic functions as TuneUp.  As in,

  • clean up the registry
  • delete temporary and other system clutter
  • tweak startup programs
  • defrag the hard drive
  • defrag the registry

and more.  In general, it does a bit of everything to improve various performance parameters and troubleshoot various computer problems.

As I stated in the TuneUp review, these types of programs may not be for everyone as many of tasks that these programs perform you can do yourself, and/or are built into the OS.  Some are not.  If you do not use such a program, you do need to do many of those tasks yourself.  If you remember to do so.

Is System Mechanic a program that is on your radar for use a system cleaner?  If so, hopefully I can help you decide whether System Mechanic will work for you.


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  1. As of System Mechanic version 11.7 this program is now malware. Every
    half hour or so this software spams your monitor screen with Iolo

    I wrote to Iolo about their malware and was told this is a new feature in version 11.7 which cannot be disabled.

    System Mechanic is malware which plasters your screen with Iolo ads.

    Okpulot Taha – Choctaw Nation

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