Software Review: TuneUp Utilities 2013


Does this scenario sound familiar?

  • Install the Operating System
  • Install any OS updates
  • Install the programs you use
  • For Windows 8, install the apps you use

After each step in the process, do you notice that incredibly fast system starts to slow down a bit?  If not right away, do you notice that the time to boot up a system increases?  With Windows 8, you might not notice this right away, but the startup process for some services actually continues for some time after you log on.

Every time you log on to your computer, browse the Internet, check out new programs and try different media files, remnants are left behind.  In the registry; in the browser; as well other CPU sucking “problems” that can creep into other areas of your computer.

This is where a special type of program comes in handy, namely tune-up apps.  Some are very focused in scope, such as disk defragmentation programs.  Some are quite broad in the tasks they can perform.  These types of programs may not be for everyone as many of tasks that these programs perform you can do yourself, and/or are built into the OS.  Some are not.  If you do not use such a program, you do need to do many of those tasks yourself.  If you remember to do so.

For me, I neglect to clear my browser cache.  When things start going south in my browsing sessions, I often find myself doing that mundane task to get things going in the right direction again.

TuneUp Utilities 2013 is one of those Swiss Army Knife utility programs that does a bit of everything to improve various performance parameters, troubleshoot various computer problems, and personalize your PC. I reviewed the 2012 version about a year ago and found the program does a nice job in keeping your computer running in tip-top condition, then tweaking it to get the most out of its performance, performance wise or battery-life wise.  All in the background.

If you have the 2012 version, the question may come up as to whether the 2013 version is worthy of the funds to upgrade or not.

Let’s find out.


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