Storage specialist LaCie today launched the CloudBox – a headless network attached storage device designed to make storing and sharing data easy for all the family, in home and out.

Available in configurations of 1-3TB, the single bay, headless device plugs straight into the router and pops up on networked PCs and Macs as an available storage drive, with no connector or client software to install. “One plug, one click” according to LaCie.

Available features include the usual mix of storage, sharing and protection goodies – PC and Mac backup, media streaming to networked devices, including uPnP and iTunes servers, private folder security for sensitive data such as the family finances, remote folder sharing with friends and family via remote links and cloud storage as well as mobile access hosted by LaCie’s MyNAS app for Android and iOS.

At $119.99 for the 1TB device through to just $179.99 for the 3TB model, CloudBox looks like a big push from LaCie to make network attached storage accessible for the masses (not that anyone’s calling this a “NAS”) – great features at a low, low price. We’ll keep an eye on this one with interest. Hands On review to follow!

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