NEW: The Building a Windows 8 Home Server – Step by Step eBook is Now Available

Building a Windows 8 Home Server – Step by Step is We Got Served’s essential guide to Microsoft’s “re-imagined” Windows operating system… with a twist! Whether you’re new to the world of home servers, thinking about upgrading from Windows Home Server or swapping your Network Attached Storage device for a real computer, this 360 page eBook will help you build, install and configure Windows 8 for home server use.

Written by Microsoft Windows Home Server MVP and We Got Served Editor Terry Walsh, Building a Windows 8 Home Server – Step by Step walks you step by step through your Windows 8 home server setup, illustrated with hundreds of detailed, full-colour screenshots.

From selecting hardware components, building your own home server PC, through installation, set-up and usage, Building a Windows 8 Home Server – Step by Step brings to life the most relevant new features of Windows 8, helping you build your home network around a Windows 8 PC. Detailed walkthroughs include a deep dive into Microsoft’s all-new Storage Spaces feature, (the successor to Windows Home Server Drive Extender), File History and data backup options, configuring user accounts, homegroups and shared folders, navigating the brand new (and more than a little quirky) Windows 8 Start Screen and Apps, configuring Remote Access and in-home/mobile media streaming and much more. Finally for Windows Home Server enthusiasts, there’s a bonus chapter on converging Windows Home Server 2011 client backup and remote access with Windows 8 – bringing together the best of both worlds!

Building a Windows 8 Home Server – Step by Step chapters include:

  • Introduction
  • Windows 8 Home Server Hardware
  • Building Your Windows 8 Home Server
  • Configuring Your UEFI Motherboard
  • Installing Windows 8
  • A Lap Around the Windows 8 Desktop. Erm, Desktops
  • Windows 8 Storage and Storage Spaces
  • Managing User Accounts and Family Safety
  • Homegroups and Shared Folders
  • File History, Backup and Data Recovery
  • Windows 8 Media Streaming and Play To
  • Remote Access, Remote Media Streaming and the SkyDrive Cloud [New! eBook Exclusive]
  • Running Windows Home Server as a Virtual Machine in Windows 8 [New! eBook Exclusive]

To purchase Building a Windows 8 Home Server – Step by Step at the launch price of just £9.99, head over to the WGS Store.


  1. I’m going to buy the book just cause I love you guys but what would u use if you had to start a new whs now ? Whs 2011 with drive bender or win 8 with storage spaces .. Mostly for blu ray media backup , steaming .. Not transcoding ..

  2. An unfortunate consequence of using Windows 8 for the home server is you’ll need a separate monitor for your server as opposed to WHS v1 and 2011. I may upgrade anyway. Great book. Thanks Terry.

    1. That is not correct. Once its setup you enable Remote Desktop and install a backup remote such as team viewer then no monitor is needed. Ive been doing this with my win7 server for years

  3. I was excited to get my Win8 Home Server setup but in the process of researching “best practices” for using Storage Spaces – I learned that Storage Spaces does NOT EVER re-balance your data. So once your existing drive pool nears/reaches “capacity” – and you’re prompted to add another disk – you won’t be able to add more data unless you add at least 2 new drives (for the 2-way mirroring to work). There’s some good articles on this on the TechNet forums. Very dissapointing…looks like it’s back to WHS 2011 and DrivePool.

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