Hands On: Icy Dock MB996SP-6SB 6 in 1 SATA Hot Swap Backplane Module


How many 3.5” drives can you fit into a single 5.25” drive bay.  Precisely one, which is equivalent to a maximum capacity of 3 TB using today’s 3.5” drives.  Now take that same bay and install an Icy Dock MB996SP-6SB Backplane module.


Your maximum capacity with this configuration: 6 TB based on the maximum capacity of 1 TB of today’s 2.5” drives.

Of course, there is one *minor* caveat; you better have at least six SATA ports on your motherboard or have an add-in board to get you to that minimum number.  So, if you have an adequate number of these ports; if you have a SFF (Small Form Factor) PC; if you want to maximize the storage capacity of that computer, you might just find this 6 bay module on your shopping list.

Of course, a SFF computer is not a requirement, just an incentive to maximize the usage of available space!

What’s In The Box?

For this particular product, Icy Dock once again provides the full consumer oriented packaging.


A once around the packaging provides you with a information needed to explain what the product does and how to make use of it. Moving on, the module comes wrapped in plastic bag as seen below.

Upon removal, you will find the MB996SP-6SB, a short manual, and the necessary bag of screws.  Please note that a second bag of screws is not shown in the following picture and a pair of Molex to SATA power converter cables were not available when I received this item for review.

We have the front and rear of the device


and a look at a couple of the trays partially removed,

and one tray by itself.


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