According to Microsoft, “SkyDrive for Windows is the easiest way to access your SkyDrive”. With SkyDrive installed on your home server you will be able to add, change or delete files in one location and have your files automatically sync in all the locations you employ the SkyDrive application.

Features include:

  • Access your SkyDrive from Windows Explorer (photos, documents, and any other important files)
  • Quickly add new file to Sky Drive by dragging them to your SkyDrive Share
  • Easily organize your files and folders in SkyDrive, just like you do on your desktop

What you will need:

 Step 1: Create a WHS Share for your SkyDrive

Let’s start by opening your WHS 2011 Dashboard and add a Shared folder. Select the ‘Server folders and Hard Drives’ icon > ‘Server Folders’ tab and then the ‘Add a folder’ wizard.


This will launch the ‘Add a Folder’ wizard. Name the folder SkyDrive, Select the location where WHS will maintain your SkyDrive folder (your location may very from mine), and give your new folder a description and click Next.



Select the Specific people option to identify which user accounts have access to your SkyDrive folder.



Choose the level of access to the SkyDrive folder you wish to accord your users and then click the Add Folder button. WARNING: Anyone granted read/write privileges can delete all of your document stored on your SkyDrive folder.


You should now see a dialog box indicating you have successfully added your SkyDrive folder to your WHS Shares. At this point you can add your SkyDrive to your server backup, or close the add a wizard folder.


I choose not to add this folder to my server backups, but remember if you delete a file from your server’s folder, it will be deleted from your online SkyDrive and all other computer synced to your SkyDrive with only a marginal chance to recover your file.