How To Install Microsoft SkyDrive on Windows Home Server 2011

According to Microsoft, “SkyDrive for Windows is the easiest way to access your SkyDrive”. With SkyDrive installed on your home server you will be able to add, change or delete files in one location and have your files automatically sync in all the locations you employ the SkyDrive application.

Features include:

  • Access your SkyDrive from Windows Explorer (photos, documents, and any other important files)
  • Quickly add new file to Sky Drive by dragging them to your SkyDrive Share
  • Easily organize your files and folders in SkyDrive, just like you do on your desktop

What you will need:

 Step 1: Create a WHS Share for your SkyDrive

Let’s start by opening your WHS 2011 Dashboard and add a Shared folder. Select the ‘Server folders and Hard Drives’ icon > ‘Server Folders’ tab and then the ‘Add a folder’ wizard.


This will launch the ‘Add a Folder’ wizard. Name the folder SkyDrive, Select the location where WHS will maintain your SkyDrive folder (your location may very from mine), and give your new folder a description and click Next.



Select the Specific people option to identify which user accounts have access to your SkyDrive folder.



Choose the level of access to the SkyDrive folder you wish to accord your users and then click the Add Folder button. WARNING: Anyone granted read/write privileges can delete all of your document stored on your SkyDrive folder.


You should now see a dialog box indicating you have successfully added your SkyDrive folder to your WHS Shares. At this point you can add your SkyDrive to your server backup, or close the add a wizard folder.


I choose not to add this folder to my server backups, but remember if you delete a file from your server’s folder, it will be deleted from your online SkyDrive and all other computer synced to your SkyDrive with only a marginal chance to recover your file.



  1. what is the actual use of this? I can access my data through my server on the network or connect remotely through skydrive??? With a VPN connection to my WHS 2011 couldn’t I do the same? or should I consider it as a remote back up? would be nice if I could use this within my WHS cloudberry add-in instead of S3 or Azure…

    1. I think there are a few use cases:
      1. Remote backup
      2. Online editing (can’t do just with WHS)
      3. Sharing documents with people

      1. Thanks,
        Remote backup was indeed also my guess. Online editing I didn’t think of I just work from my laptop. And my family could do the same remotely through VPN. And this way you can indeed share with more people than the max 10 users on WHS.

        1. Remote/online access to SkyDrive is much easier then access to the home server. I have WHS v1, and if I connect to it through the internet I get a folder listing with short names rather then the full file names. Online editing is also possible from SkyDrive, not only through a browser, but also from my Windows Phone.

    1.  I’m almost certain it will work.  But, since I don’t have a v1 server to take screen shots and test, I limit the scope to whs2011.  The biggest differences are how to create a whs share and the steps used to create the task to start the skydrive app in the task scheduler. 

      1. I can’t get the SkyDrive installer to run on WHS v1, even which running in XP mode; error message says I need at least XP SP2…

        1.  Did you download it on a 32 or 64 bit system?  They maybe doing an auto-detect on the os to see what version you need.  In fact, I downloaded mine with a 32bit version of W7.  That explains why it was put in the program files(x86) folder and not the program file folder. 

          1. I downloaded it on WHS v1 itself so presumably it would have been the 32-bit version.

          2. Keep us posted on your progress with v1.  I am also interested in ghetting this to work.

          3. I also tried to install it on my WHS v1 but did not succeed. Different message though, I get the message that SkyDriveSetup.exe is not a valid Win32 application. I tried 2 downloads, one downloaded in a remote desktop session on the server itself, and the other one downloaded on a Win7 computer. Both give the same result.

    1. I have Google Drive on WHS 2011, installed with usual install routine.  During testing I have found it to quit frequently for no apparent reason.  But I get 200GB for $50 per year because of my old Picasa account.

  2. I’ve set it up immediatelly after the skydrive application has been published. My main concern was the fact that the application runs only when the user is logged on. Now it’s good to see that it can be run in background. But I have a few comments/hints:
    1. Would be great if there is just a plugin to the WHS so we could manage it from the dashboard etc
    2. You can actually synchronize in this way more folders to the skydrive by putting symbolic links to the other folders inside the skydrive folder.
    3. There is an issue with synchronizing changes made on the folder, e.g. word document update, to the  sky drive. The changes made in skydrive directly (e.g. in the online editor) are synchronized to the whs folder immediately. I’m not sure if it is general problem with the skydrive application or specific to the symbolic links that I’m using.

  3. It would be better if
    1) it could be installed on WHS v1
    2) you could add multiple folders as a mapping between a local and a skydrive folder
    — local documents folder to the skydrive documents folder
    — the local image folder to the skydrive image folder
    That way you can keep using your local libraries as how they are intended and have an online backup of all the files.

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